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During the course of the year and sometimes once a day or several time a week, ECHO presents or hosts special events. These events are geared to reach a variety of audiences of all ages, sometimes all at once! Other events are specifically designed for children, teens or adults within certain age ranges. Read about some of these special events below and always check ECHO Calendar of Events section for specific dates, descriptions and pricing.

Annual Special Events: All Audiences

Champ FestivalThis celebration take place during the winter school break in mid to late February. During this week we celebrate the mystery and majesty of our beloved Lake Monster, Champ. Each day guests enjoy an exploration into the mythology and science behind Champ through our "Believer of Skeptic" program. Guests are also treated to an ECHO exclusive film called "Champ" which shows the connection between a now famous photograph taken of Champ in 1977 and how it has brought the message of Lake stewardship to thousands upon thousands of people. There are many more activities our education team presents during this week of fun. Come enjoy our Champ week and challenge your mind while learning about the importance of Lake stewardship.

Earthweeks' Mudfest:  Muddy fun takes hold in a big way here at ECHO! This year is will be a 16-day long festival to coincide with the local schools' spring break, in April . Learn how to "make mud" and how important it is to life on the planet. Take balls of mud and throw it! That's right! Without even getting in trouble. Our popular Mud Fling takes place once a day from the top floor of ECHO where guest throw mud to a target three stories below. Don't knock it 'til you try it! Enjoy "muddy music" on certain days at noon and 1 p.m. featuring exceptional Vermont musicians produced by Re-Bop Records. There is also an opportunity to play in the mud at the mud table, typically for our smaller guests, but with appeal for all our visitors. And yes...there are plenty of wash buckets and towels available for good, muddy and clean fun!

Illuminate the Lake - ECHO’s newest festival, while literally illuminating the interior and exterior of the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, will also illuminate your mind and imagination. Join us each night as the facade of ECHO becomes a huge digital display - think of your favorite, throw-back, 8-bit graphic game! Wander in wonder as the interior of ECHO transforms with lights of many colors and seasonal decorations. 

ECHO's AfterDark series

At ECHO AfterDark we mix up the perfect cocktail for the intellectually adventurous: one part science, one part intrigue and two parts fun, served nicely within the beautiful atmosphere of ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. Socialize amongst the fish, frogs, turtles and other wildlife while engaging in hot topics of the day.

We're always "mixing it up" for our adult audience with diverse topics of the day such as the science of chocolate, wine and beer, to original inventions by Vermonters. 

ECHO AfterDark is what grown ups do when they go out on the town in Burlington, Vermont.

Wacky Wednesdays

During our summer months, (typically June through August) join ECHO Staff and Volunteers for the wackiest of Wednesdays! You may find us creating egg-dropping contraptions, designing boats that don't sink (or sometimes do!), and even making mud-flinging catapults. These activities are appropriate for ages 8 and up, and are designed to engage the brain, move the body, and put ideas into action. Free with admission.

Story Explorers

Children 3-6 years old and their adult caregivers watch science and nature come to life with stories, songs, and crafts using a unique inquiry style of teaching to engage ECHO’s youngest visitors! The program focuses on a different topic each week — from the life cycle of a butterfly to bubble science. Science and Stories typically happen every Tuesday and Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. during the school year, September through May. Free with admission.

Please check our Events Calendar for specific dates and times.