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Head to Head with Giants. Killer Mysterious Dinosaurs.

May 25 - September 2

Bigger than T-Rex

Most of us learned in school that the largest carnivorous dinosaur, the king of the dinosaurs, was Tyrannosaurus Rex. In 1991 a new killer dinosaur king emerged in Patagonia – Giganotosaurus. Giganotosaurus, at 45 feet long, was 5 feet longer and 3 tons heavier than “Sue,” the largest known T. Rex. During the summer of 2013 you can view this immense dinosaur yourself at ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain on the Burlington Waterfront.

Recently, another gigantic killer dinosaur, the Mapusaurus, a close, and somewhat larger, relative to Giganotosaurus was found in the same region of Patagonia. Compare the skulls of Mapusaurus, Allosaurus, Albertosaurus, Deinonychus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. If they had all met, who would win the battle of the biggest killer dinosaur?

How did these killer dinosaurs behave? Visitors will view a diorama, including two full skeletons, of Monolophosaurus (close relation to the Allosaurus) preying on Tuojiangosaurus (a type of Stegosaurus).

No exploration of killer dinosaurs would be complete without crowd-favorite Velociraptors, made immensely popular by the book and movie Jurassic Park. Both a Velociraptor skeleton and robot will help make this fearsome creature come to life. Also featured will be the skeleton of Dilophosaurus – learn the truth about this killer dinosaur who had a starring, but factually misleading role in Jurassic Park.

In addition to these fascinating killer dinosaur specimens, visitors will enjoy comparing themselves to a cast of a vertebra from Argentinosaurus, the largest dinosaur known, digging in the dinosaur discovery pit, handling fossil replicas, playing the Wheel of Dinosaur Misfortune, and watching a film of a Mapusaurus excavation.

ON DISPLAY NOW are four of the actual lifelike latex models used in Jurassic Park I and II, which was just released in major movie theaters throughout the U.S. in 3D, will be on display at ECHO. These include: Baby T-Rex (at the front desk), Velociraptor and Pachycephalosaurus (top floor) and a Stegosaurus (in the gift shop). These models will be at ECHO through the duration of the Bigger Than T-Rex exhibit. Vermont has never before hosted such a collection of giant and mysterious killer dinosaurs. Opens May 25,2013.

Watch Bigger Than T-Rex Commmerial here.

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