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Get your calendar out now and plan your totally gross fun at ECHO!

Back by popular demand, the fun, colorful and informative exhibit teaches about the human body. The exhibition is based on the bestseller by science teacher Sylvia Banzei and is grounded in the theory that the #1 way to get kids interested in science is to present it in terms they find most appealing. Topics such as snot, vomit, gas and scabs are completely fascinating to an average 5 to fourteen -year-old, and intrigues adults too, truth be told. The exhibit is a larger-than life biology lesson that harnesses kids' natural curiosity about themselves, and teaches them about how the human organism functions.

What does it tell us about our health, eating habits and energy? Why do colds spread? Why do certain foods make us have gas? What is the purpose of mucous? Discover the answers to these and other perplexing questions with the help of such characters as Nigel Nose and the Burp man.

About the Exhibit

Folks will enjoy the return of nine-foot-tall “Nigel Nose-it-All”, who teaches everything you always wanted to know about the critical role of snot. And there’s the odiferous “Y U Stink” where guests smell their way through the world of body odor. Plus there’s the active “Skin Climbing Wall” where warts, hairs, and wounds act as hand and foot holds and teach us about pimples, blisters, and bruises. And yes, there is the popular “The Vomit Center” that answers the timeless question, “Why do we throw up?”

But there is so much more to the exhibit, just as there is so much more to the human body, including “Toot Toot!” where guests create an orchestral arrangement of not-so-classy gassy sounds. Speaking of sounds, “Burp Man” is very popular and it involves pumping enough soda pop into this huge cartoon character, until the acid indigestion builds up enough to release a humongous belch. Very satisfying, as is “Urine: The Game”, a virtual reality tour of the kidneys.

GROSSOLOGY: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body was created and produced by Advanced Exhibits, a division of Advanced Animations L.L.C. in collaboration with Science World British Columbia.

Grossology will be at ECHO from September 17 through January 8, 2012.

Be prepared to have fun, learn and laugh a lot! You'll want to come back
again and again and when you do, bring a friend!


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