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From the alpine zone of the surrounding mountains to the sparking shores of Lake Champlain, the Lake Champlain Basin provides a land of opportunity for plants and animals, including humans. The Land of Opportunity exhibit highlights some of the fascinating interactions between nature, plants, animals, and the resources that exist within the Basin. How do we all utilize these natural resources? How does nature foster or limit the opportunities that abound?

The bullfrog is one of the Upper River's most popular animals.Upper River

The Basin's waterways are home to an array of fish, amphibians, turtles and snakes. The Upper River exhibit allows you to go eye-to-eye with a gray treefrog, an eastern ratsnake, or Vermont's threatened spiny softshell turtle. Check ECHO's Daily Encounters Board at the Front Desk for scheduled feedings and join ECHO's Animal Care Staff as they feed and discuss the many species.

River's End

The prehistoric bowfin and the odd-looking longnosed gar star in this exhibit. Wait a while and you might see the air-breathing bowfin surface for a gulp of oxygen, or maybe you'll catch a gar snatching a meal carelessly swimming by.

Guests watch on as Animal Care Staff feeds a snapping turtle, on a "behind the scenes" tour.

Animal Care Room

The Animal Care Room is home to many of ECHO's reptile and amphibian animal ambassadors and is available for "behind the scenes" tours. Learn what it takes to properly feed and care for all the animals that call ECHO home.


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