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Raise the Roof: An exhibit about buildings

See how large buildings are demolished in the Demolition Theater.ECHO’s newest exhibit, Raise the Roof, presents a fun and fascinating look at buildings and what makes them stand up as well as what makes them come down. This highly interactive exhibit, developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota, will be available to ECHO guests through May 1, 2011.

Demolition Theater

Are you fascinated by the science behind demolition? How do tall buildings get demolished without damaging the buildings around it? See how large buildings are demolished without even scratching a window of a building nearby with the Demolition Theater.

Down Draft House

Did you ever experience a chilly wind going through your house when someone opens a door? And when you open a window in the room down the hall, you'll feel that chill even faster! Learn how still air insulates and moving air sets a chill with the Down Draft House. Here you will open and close air passageways and gain a quick understanding of how important it is to button up for winter!

Earthquake Shake Table

We are largely protected from earthquakes here in Vermont. Though they rarely happen, when they do they are usually small and do little damage. But earthquakes are dangerous and deadly and can topple all types of buildings. Create an earthquake and see how much power is needed to topple a building on the Earthquake Shake Table.


Magnet City

Buildings of all kinds, when clustered together, help to form a city or town. Architects and engineers often decide where a town hall will go or a a library. You can re-think and re-model a community yourself with the fun Magnet City interactive.

Sounds Like a Building

Does your voice sound the same in your basement as it does in your bedroom? What about in the bathroom? What causes it to sound different? Learn how sound is affected by the size, shape, and materials of a space, and then try your voice in eight different sound environments.


Build a Truss

Did you ever wonder how a bridge stays up? Next time you are on one look at the geometric shapes that the structure creates. You'll see many triangles and tangents and other basic building principles at play. Learn about the importance of compression and tangents in the construction of trusses with the Build a Truss feature.

Dome Structure

Perhaps the most dramatic component of the exhibit is the Dome Structure. With many cranks of the hand, the building walls slowly come together and the dome connects and voila, a beautiful dome building is complete! YOU RAISED THE ROOF!


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