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ECHO Education programs model inquiry-based teaching by facilitating student activities, prompting investigations, and encouraging dialogue during intentional exhibit exploration. And, of course, theyíre lots of fun!

View 2013-2014 Educator's Guide For Grades K-8 brochure HERE

New! Riglet: Burton's Learn to Ride Program at ECHO!

For students K-2nd grade, November 3-14th 2014

ECHO is partnering with Burton Snowboards to launch a new program that combines Riglet, a hands on and bodies moving introduction to snowboarding activity developed by Burton, with a Science of Snowboarding and Design Challenge activity developed by ECHO educators. Together they provide a unique opportunity for your students to exercise their bodies and minds! This pilot program is being offered for a limited time and there is limited space. Call ECHO today to find out more and register for this exciting program!


ECHO provides teachers with a range of Teachers' Choice topics for deeper immersion and clearer connection to their curriculum for students in grades K - 8 and beyond. All ECHO programs are linked to Vermont Science or Social Studies Standards and Grade Expectations and are taught by ECHO Education Staff . Our goal is to use the lens of environmental stewardship of the Lake Champlain Basin as students grasp and apply science and socials studies concepts to the real world.

Signing up for Teacherís Choice Programs

  • Using the chart below, review programs for students in grades K - 8 and then indicate your program choice on the Group Registration form. Teacher Choice programs last 45 mins. and cost $75 for up to 25 students per session.
  • See below for program opportunities for high school students and beyond.
  • If requested, ECHO staff will match your program choice to an appropriate ECHO Inquiry Trek to guide student dialogue and support chaperone-led exhibit exploration.
  • For trips of more than 25 students, the group will be divided into sessions and the same program will be repeated so all students can participate. ECHO will assist you with planning for a well-orchestrated experience with ample time for exhibit exploration, ECHO Encounters, lunch, and a visit to the gift shop.
A student conducts a streak test as part of the Teacher's Choice program Rocks Rock.
Program Title (PDF desc.) Grade Range Duration Description
Wetland Wonders K - 3 45 min Itís a sponge, itís a filter, itís a nurseryÖ itís a wetland! Explore the living and non-living elements of the unique habitat as we build a life size wetland together.
Native American Games K - 3 45 min Experience the games played by the indigenous people of the Lake Champlain Basin. Students will get a hands on lesson on pre-1800's Native American culture and the importance that games played in their lives.
Amphibians All Around K - 3 45 min Explore life cycles, characteristics, and behaviors of amphibians found in the Lake Champlain watershed. Call and hop your way to understanding this unique group of vertebrates, some of the dangers they face and what you can do to help them survive.
DIY Watershed Model 3 - 6 45 min What is the Lake Champlain watershed? How did it get here? How has it changed over time? Students will design a flowing watershed model to explore the connection between geography, geology and glaciation.
Rock and Roll Geology 3 - 6 45 min Explore 20,000 years of geologic history in the Lake Champlain Basin. Discover the forces that shaped the land we see today and perform rock tests to identify some common local rocks.
Native American Artifact Inquiry 3 - 6 45 min Explore Native American artifacts to illuminate the sophistication of pre-1800's Abenaki culture. Students will learn how to interpret objects in order to better understand traditional ways of life.
Properties of Water
Intro (3-6), Adv (6-8)
3 - 8 45 min The molecular structure of H2O creates the unique properties of water that enable life on earth. Learn about these properties and explore their seasonal effects on Lake Champlain as we explore surface tension, phase change and solvency first hand.
Creature Classification K - 3 45 min Introduce your students to the biodiversity of the Lake Champlain Basin vertebrate groups through an exploration of creature characteristics. Learn which of these animals are threatened and endangered and what your students can do to help.
Fins, Form and Function 3 - 6 45 min How does a fish's shape, structure and color reflect its way of life? Students will compare the anatomy of different fish and analyze how an animals structure relates to its habitat and behavior, and then conduct their own investigation of live fish out in the aquarium exhibits.
Citizen Science Boot Camp 3 - 8 45 min Help researchers by turning your class into a Citizen Scince Brigade! Students will learn how they can participate in crowd-sourced science. Students will practice observation and animal identification skills needed to participate in a local or national project.
Macroinvertebrate Mystery 6 - 8 45 min Biologists use macroinvertebrates as bio indicators of water quality in lakes, stream and ponds. Students will use classification protocols to classify and examine sets of macroinvertebrates in order to uncover the health of local bodies of water.
Aquatic Invaders 6 - 8 45 min What are invasive species and how do they impact local ecosystems. Students will learn about environmental threats to Lake Champlain, meet a live amphibian invader, and explore invasives' environmental and economic impacts.



$6.00 K-12th grade student admission, March-October
$3.00 K-12th grade student admission, November-February
$8.50 College student
FREE! One adult admission for every five students, teachers included
$8.50 Per additional adult
$75.00 Teacher's Choice Program (for up to 25 students)


As a school group, the initial group of students can return to ECHO and receive FREE unlimited admission up to 6 weeks after the group's initial visit. This new policy is ECHO's way of supporting student projects that deepen learning about Lake Champlain. Special projects, capstone work and more can be a part of this repeat visitation. Some restrictions and contingencies apply as stated below.

  • Students must be in K-12 grade
  • All repeat group visits MUST BE PRE-BOOKED with ECHO's registrar (important!)
  • Return visits must take place within 6 weeks of the group's initial visit
  • Groups MUST RETURN AS A GROUP consisting of the same students and same number of chaperones (not as individuals or with families)
  • Groups requesting special rooms, private meeting, or presentation space are subject to room rental fees (Note: Families/guests attending a student presentation at ECHO pay the posted admission rate.)


Experience all the learning at ECHO with support from ECHOís Volunteer Education Interpreters:

  • Games for learning, crafts, experiments, and hands-on investigations.
  • Daily Animal Feedings and Educational Demonstrations: both related to our ECHO mission and to our changing exhibits.
  • ECHO Treks: Choose either our "paper/pencil" ECHO Treks that guide student exhibit exploration gathering data, estimating, drawing, etc. (we provide the clipboards and pencils!) OR and ECHO Inquiry Trek that guides student exhibit exploration through small group inquiry question prompts and discussion led by your chaperones.


Register for your ECHO visit and Teacher's Choice Program here.


Answers to FAQs and Contact Us form here.


Check out our High School and College Program offerings.


  • Dive deeper into Lake Champlain at the Resource Room, located on the top floor of ECHO.
  • An excellent teacher and student resource for Lake and watershed curriculum or project planning across disciplines using website links, maps, charts, pamphlets and multimedia.
  • A quiet space for small group preschool stories, games and puzzles.

Opportunities for Personal Growth at ECHO

  • Get involved through internships, work-study, service learning, or as a volunteer.
  • Link field work, lab work, or research results to informal learning in a science center.

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