At ECHO we understand the importance of community and we value the many partners who work with us to reach a common goal – a healthier Lake Champlain. From our incredible neighbors in Burlington to those who visit us from across the country and across the world, we value everyone’s contribution and thank all for their support.

ECHO Open Door

ECHO Open Door breaks down financial and cultural barriers by working to find affordable and equitable ways to allow all members of our community to have access to ECHO’s rich services and resources. The ECHO Open Door Program encompasses:

ECHO coordinates with over 40 social service agencies in Vermont to provide $2 admission to low income residents. See a list of our 2017 partners.

MENTOR Vermont mentors and mentees receive $2 admission to ECHO with their MENTOR Vermont Discount Card.

Every time a new or renewed ECHO membership is purchased between November 15 and January 15, ECHO donates a matching membership to a local family who might not otherwise have access to ECHO. Please visit our membership page to learn more.

Periodically, ECHO hosts free after-hours events for members of the community where they have complete, exclusive access to ECHO and its programs. These evening events are managed by ECHO’s E-Team, who have been learning about scientific principles and how to interpret science to the public through discussion and engaging activities.

The E-Team creates a fun and safe learning environment, where teens are encouraged to create goals, build leadership skills, gain employment experience, and explore science. Learn more about participating in E-Team.

Over 600 libraries participate in the discounted day pass for entrance to ECHO. The library pass allows a group of up to four people to visit ECHO for the reduced rate of $7 per person. Ask your local librarian for more information.

ECHO is in our fifth year with the City of Burlington’s We All Belong (WAB) Program, which works with City departments, schools, and non-­profit agencies to create more inclusive workplaces and better serve Burlington’s diversifying community. Through WAB, ECHO works with a cohort of city organizations to receive year long training, executive coaching and build individual and collective organizational capacity to meet the needs of our guests and be a welcoming and inclusive organizations in tune with the changing needs of our community.

Voices for the Lake 2

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain and the All Souls Interfaith Gathering’s Center for Earth Ministry are cultivating a new partnership that creates a rich conversation – one that honors faith and science-based environmental stewardship perspectives. Through our Voices for the Lake project, we are harnessing the passion and commitment of people who respect the Lake Champlain Basin’s web of life, and are working on meaningful system change to create a culture of clean water.

Leahy Summit

The Leahy Center Environmental Summit convenes every other year at ECHO to tackle current environmental issues. Diverse groups of citizens from many backgrounds work together to develop plans for lasting solutions. They are joined by ECHO staff, government leaders, and experts in the field to make a lasting impact on Vermont’s natural resources while inspiring national change.


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