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ECHO Science & Stories: Beach Treasures

Join Elizabeth for a virtual trip to the seashore! We will hunt for sandy treasures and investigate the creatures that make them. Close your eyes, put your feet in the water, dig your toes in the sand and breath in that sea breeze. Featured book is: Seashells by the Seashore by Marianne Berkes. Illustrated by Robert Noreika.

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ECHO Science & Stories: Bubble Science

Can you make a round bubble? Sure you can! How about a square bubble? Explore bubble shapes with Elizabeth, ECHO’s Youth Program Manager, during this week’s Bubble Science episode. Featured book is: Bubble Magic by Mercer Mayor. Published by Carson- Dellosa Publishing

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ECHO Science & Stories: A Good Day Fishing

The snow is melting and the rivers are running high and fast. It is a great time of year to go fishing! But what do you need for a good day fishing? Join us for Science and Stories to find out and share stories about the one that got away! Featured book is: A Good Day Fishing by James Prodsek. Published by Simon and Schuster Books

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ECHO Science & Stories: Sink or Float?

Who sank the boat? Join Elizabeth, ECHO’s Youth Program Manager, to find out as we explore the sink and float properties of different objects. Can you design your own boat that will float even when loaded with heavy cargo? Featured book is: Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allen. Published by the Putman and Grosset Group.

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A seed holds all the promise of a colorful field of flowers, a bountiful garden or a big oak tree. Where can you find seeds to plant if you can’t get to the store? They are in your kitchen cabinet, in your yard, in your compost! Plant some seeds today with Elizabeth, ECHO’s Youth Program Manager, and feel the joy as they take root, sprout and grow. Featured book is: I’m a Seed by Jean Marzolla. Illustrated by Judith Moffatt. Published by Scholastic.

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ECHO Science & Stories: Explore the Pond

Do you know the ingredients of a pond? Join Elizabeth, ECHO’s Youth Program Manager, as she mixes one up and together we will stock it with the creatures that call the pond habitat their home. Featured book is: Little Turtle’s Big Adventure by David Harrison. Illustrated by J.P. Miller. Published by Random House, Inc. 1969.

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ECHO Science & Stories: Celebrate Earth Day!

How do you help take care of the earth? Celebrate Earth Day with Elizabeth, ECHO’s Youth Program Manager, as she thinks about ways we can help take care of our planet all year long and why it is so important that we all lend a helping hand. Featured book is: The Trouble with Dragons written and illustrated by Debi Gliori. Published by Walker and Company, 2008.

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ECHO Science & Stories: Signs of SpringIs it Spring yet? How will we know when it’s finally here? Share the signs of spring you have noticed and we will celebrate the small changes together as we head into the new season. Elizabeth Nuckols, ECHO Youth Programs Manager, reads the book, North Country Spring, by Reeve Lindbergh. Paintings by Liz Sivertson. Published by HMH Books for Young Readers, 1997

Continue hands-on learning with a spring scavenger hunt with your kids!

ECHO Science & Stories: Mud

We are embracing and celebrating Vermont’s fifth season. How do you mix up the perfect batch of mud anyway? Elizabeth, ECHO Youth Programs Manager, will read Mud by Mary Lyn Ray and illustrated by Lauren Stringer. Join Elizabeth in muddy research, testing out some muddy recipes and having lots of muddy fun! Book published by Harcourt, Inc. 1996.

Continue hands-on learning with other activities:
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Playdough recipe: add coffee grounds and a little brown paint to make mud playdough

ECHO Science & Stories: Maple Sugaring

Near the end of winter before spring has sprung, something special happens in the woods of Vermont. Come learn about the exciting process of making maple syrup while Elizabeth Nuckols, ECHO Youth Programs Manager, reads the book, Sugaring, by Jessie Haas. 

ECHO Science & Stories: Color Mixing

Where have all the colors gone? As the Vermont winter lingers things begin to look a bit drab. It is time to bring a burst of color into our lives. Join us in reading White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker. Come investigate and experiment with all the colors of the rainbow with ECHO Youth Programs Manager, Elizabeth Nuckols. 
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