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Awesome Forces exhibition is reshaping ECHO!

Are you ready to enter a tornado’s vortex? Have you ever witnessed water freeze in real-time? Through a dozen interactive exhibits, visitors of all ages will delight in discovering the amazing processes that have shaped the Lake Champlain Basin and our Earth. 

Interactive Stations

Dancing Drops
Discover the surprising science of water drops.

Lake Discovery
Voyage around Lake Champlain, control a robotic vehicle, and relive a season of weather on the Waterfront.

Levitating Balls
Play with aerodynamics as you balance a ball above an airstream.

Flowing Streams
Investigate river processes while pumping water through a model stream system.

Foggy Harbor
Test your knowledge of angles to guide a laser beam through the fog.

Freezing Water
Peer into the world of ice crystals as you watch water freeze in real-time.

Rippling Waters
Create wave formations that become mesmerizing projections on the floor below.

Rushing Air
Delight fellow visitors as you use an air cannon to send bursts of air through a hanging sculpture.

Sailing Ships
Explore the science of sailing as you work to get a sail-car from point A to point B.

Shaping Watersheds
Sculpt your own landscape and then observe where the virtual rain flows.

Steaming Lakes
Experiment with air flow as you interact with a real-life tornado.

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