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Champ Lane Exhibit

Stop in for science play at Champ Lane, ECHO’s Early Learning Exhibit!

Champ Lane Standards: (C.L.I.P.S.)

Communication: Sharing explanations of the world.

Logical Thinking: Recognizing cause-and-effect relationships.

Inquiry: Asking question, making predictions, and testing theories.

Persistence: Pursuing challenges and keeping focus during activities. Learning to ignore distraction and cope with failure.

Science Identity: Seeing yourself as someone who does science and having confidence in your own skills.

Exhibit Features

A tree house, bridge, and slide to provide a feeling of risk-taking in a safe environment

A café, market, puppet theater, boats, and more offer the chance for social interaction and practice of emerging skills

Animal Care Kids Lab
An introduction to animal husbandry through role playing and scientific inquiry

Book Nook
This “quiet space” offers tabletop activities, books, and other calmer activities for children and parents who seek a break from the stimulus and high energy activity found in the rest of the exhibit space. The book nook also has a semi-private nursing bench.


Early education at ECHO aims to make the world accessible to developing minds in a way that children learn best, through hands-on science play. By providing options to interact, engage, and ask questions, we introduce children to the social museum experience with their peers and caregivers while creating lifelong learners interested in science and the world around them.

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