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Admissions & Ticketing

Timed ticketing is not required to visit ECHO. We are open 10 am – 5 pm, seven days a week. You can purchase tickets online or in person when arriving at ECHO.

Check out our Hours & Admissions page for more information about pricing, parking, and other general questions.

Masks are optional inside the museum. We support those guests who prefer to wear masks for extra protection. Note that we have free Masks On event every first Sunday of the month, 9-10 am. RSVP here.

We also have free Sensory Sunday event every second Sunday of the month, 9-10 am. RSVP here.

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Group Visit Forecast 

In this weekly forecast, we share how many guests we’re expecting to visit the museum on group trips each day to help you plan your trip to ECHO.  We’re expecting higher group traffic towards the second half of this week, with our busiest day on Thursday.
Please note that this forecast only includes group trip attendance and does not predict the total number of guests in the building. Museum traffic may also vary throughout the day. For a real-time report of the traffic level in the museum, please call the front desk at (802) 864-1848. 
ECHO Field Trip Forecast, Week of July 22-26. Schedule indicates numbers of group trip visitors expected each day: Monday 18 (Light), Tuesday 114 (Medium), Wednesday 192 (Busy), Thursday 288 (Busy), Friday 252 (Busy). ECHO Considers days with over 150 visitors on group trips to be busy group trip days. Days with fewer than 50 visitors on group trips typically do not impact museum traffic. Numbers reflect total anticipated number of visitors on field trips. Guest flow may vary throughout the day.

Photo Policy

ECHO staff often take photographs of visitors to use for marketing or promotional purposes. If you do not wish to have your picture taken, please inform our front desk staff or the staff photographer at that time. 
ECHO encourages all visitors to take casual photographs of the museum for personal use unless otherwise noted by staff or signage. Please tag us on social media. All commercial photography and videography is prohibited unless arranged in advance with ECHO. Thank you.

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