Echo Staff


ECHO is home to incredible people – experts in their fields, passionate about their work, and always caring. Drop them a line, give them a call, and get to know all about their dedication to ECHO and the community.

ECHO Volunteers


ECHO’s volunteers are a crucial in keeping the organization running smoothly. Find them helping guests, working with animals in the early-morning hours, and helping spread the world about the importance of keeping Lake Champlain healthy. Please visit our volunteer page if you are interesting in volunteering or interning at ECHO.

ECHO Board


Members of ECHO’s Board of Directors are leaders in the community. They care about what happens to our environment and want to help share in the responsibility of taking care of Lake Champlain and beyond.


Board Members

Michele Asch

Dr. Rebecca Bell

Grace Ciffo

Kristin Carlson

Jane Clifford

Ian Davis

John Day

Doug Goldsmith

Andrew Hanson

Shireen Hart

Michael Metz

Julie Moore

Paul Plunkett

Don Rendall

Billy St. Louis

Lydia Slauson

Larry Williams

Julie Won

Stephanie Young

Board Leadership

Chair – Kristin Carlson

Vice Chair – Ian Davis

Secretary – Shireen Hart

Treasurer – Larry Williams

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