Shows a large oversized scale with kids putting items on it to balance it in the Measurement Rules exhibit.

Measurement Rules Exhibit

Open January 16 thru May 9, 2021
Included with Admission

How many chickens do you weigh? How tall are you in apples or inches or pennies? Can you use your foot as a ruler? The answers to these and other questions can be explored at ECHO’s newest special exhibit, Measurement Rules. It might be common to measure using standard tools such as measuring tapes and vessels – but the Measurement exhibit will explore some nonstandard ones such as balancing scales, odometers, calipers, 3-D imaging and counting “Mississippis.” Gauge height, distance, mass and time using traditional and not-so-traditional tools and units at this new interactive exhibit. Learn the language of measurement and work with others to become a measuring wizard!

Measurement Rules exhibit created by Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.
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