Woman with long dark hair and a helmet uses her arms to push her adaptive racing wheelchair on a street. She is smiling and background is blurry because she is moving fast.
Family with an adult male, adult female, young girl, are looking at an exhibit wall filled with inventions for the body.

Human Plus: Real Lives + Real Engineering Exhibit

Open May 22 thru September 6, 2021
Included with Admission or ECHO membership

Experience the stories of engineers and users who design and use technologies to help themselves and others achieve their goals—from everyday routines to lifelong dreams. The exhibition offers visitors a chance to explore and create a range of low tech and high tech tools that restore and extend human abilities. Throughout, visitors experience the creative, dynamic engineering process, which involves the user every step of the way. From customized wheelchairs for off-roading, to a vest that lets you feel music, to neuroprosthetic limbs controlled by a user’s thoughts, Human Plus showcases an innovative field of engineering that improves our lives every day.
The Exhibition was created by the New York Hall of Science in partnership with OMSI and the Quality of Life Technology Center with funding from the National Science Foundation.

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