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ECHO Learning Toolbox

The invitation to play and learn with us is always open.

Use these resources as jumping off points for inspired science learning. Activities use simple materials commonly found at home or school.
This program was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services MA-10-18-0192-18, the Canaday Foundation, and the Mergens Foundation.

Try these engineering design challenges with materials commonly found at home or school! The goal problem-solve like an engineer and have some hands-on, learning fun.

Join us for Science & Stories online with ECHO Youth Programs Manager, Elizabeth Nuckols. Elizabeth engages audiences with songs, books, and a hands-on component around different seasonal topics.

In each installment, we highlight a different plant or animal and then challenge you to get outside, make observations, and discover incredible wildlife near you. Check it out and let us know what you find in your backyard!

Science is happening all around us, even in our kitchens! ECHO Educators teach you about different science concepts and introduce you to an easy experiment you can try right at home!

Researched and vetted by ECHO’s Educators, these resources will link you to other incredible online resources for learning and fun. From early learners to adults, there are online resources for everyone.

ECHO and WCAX have partnered to bring science projects to families that they can do at home. Learn about gravity, magnetic fields, chemistry, and more!

ECHO teamed with Vermont ethnographer Ned Castle and award-winning filmmaker Matt Day to create four short films examining the region’s Native American heritage:
Ash to Basket | Circle of Courage
Melody of Language Walking into Worlds

These five ECHO-produced films were filmed in and around the Lake Champlain Basin to tell the whole story about the animals and the balancing act they must perform to survive and thrive in the region:
Bald Eagle | Lake SturgeonMoose |
Mink Frog | Spiny Softshell Turtles

Explore past live videos of ECHO’s animal care team showing and telling about all the different animals at ECHO. See what it takes to care for native fish, reptiles, and amphibians in a conservation education facility:
Feeding the Fish
Meet the Black Ratsnake
Spring Peepers Moving Day
Sturgeon Tank Deep Dive

Get a sneak peek inside and outside ECHO day and night!
Animal Ambassador Cam
Invasive Species Cam

Download ECHO coloring sheets for a relaxing, creative activity at home. From turtles, sturgeons, circuits to a variety of butterflies, color everything ECHO!
General ECHO Coloring Pages
Butterfly Coloring Pages

ECHO STEM Academy classes are the perfect solution for keeping your student connected to their local community while taking the planning and guesswork out of science instruction.

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